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  • AI Box – Concept
    How do we make AI explainable? Without going into the theory of artificial intelligence, it can be experienced together with the AI Box, making it easier to understand and explain. How does the AI Box do that? With your own hands and through direct experience, artificial intelligence becomes explainable. It becomes clear what it can […]
  • TensorFlow 2 Detection Model Zoo
    This article is not ready and just a collection of some important URLs … TensorFlow 2 Detection Model Zoo  
  • AI Pipeline – AI Pipeline Image App Setup and Operation Part 1-2
    In the previous chapter, you learned about the SWAGGER API, which can be used to test the neural network. Since the operation via the SWAGGER interface is not ideal and the REST API calls are suitable for writing your own application, a colleague of mine has written the AI Pipeline Image App. The AI Pipeline […]
  • AI Pipeline – Tensorflow Object Detection Training GUI – SWAGGER API testing the neural network
    After the previous article explained how to train a neural network with your own training data, this article is about calling the neural network, i.e. testing it. Since the AI Pipeline has API interfaces, we will use exactly this API interface for this test and let the objects be recognized on a test image, i.e. […]
  • AI Pipeline – Tensorflow Object Detection Training GUI – Usage
    In the previous article you have configured and installed the Training Suite on your computer. In the following article, we will explain how to use the Training Suite. The goal is to train a neural network with your own images that were previously labeled in the Labeltool Lite. In case you are worried that this […]

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