AI Box – The first prototype (May 2022)

The first prototype of the AI Box was created in my basement at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. I wanted to find out how the topic of artificial intelligence can be understood and grasped by interested people who had nothing to do with the theory and architectures in the sense of software.

So on the basis of the No-Code AI Pipeline I came up with the idea to build something that can be touched and experienced directly. This means to contribute with the hands that a neural network learns something and that this something, in the case of the AI box, can recognize an object like a potato.

The following picture shows my workshop and the first construction of the AI Box still in many individual components. But there will be more about this in further articles here on my site. Everything should be published as open source so that everyone can build such an AI box who is interested in it. Maybe it would be possible to create a big free dataset by the community of people who might be involved in this project. This dataset with labeled images should be available to all interested people.

AI BOX - prototyp first idea

AI BOX – prototyp first idea