How do we make AI explainable?

Without going into the theory of artificial intelligence, it can be experienced together with the AI Box, making it easier to understand and explain.

How does the AI Box do that?

With your own hands and through direct experience, artificial intelligence becomes explainable. It becomes clear what it can already do and what it cannot yet do.

With the implementation of the idea of a booth to experience artificial intelligence from the year 2021 and the construction of the prototype in May 2022, I could already gather some experience on how artificial intelligence can be experienced. So I became clear about the technology that has to be used and the concept of how AI can be experienced with the hands. By experiencing it myself, this theoretical topic of artificial intelligence becomes more comprehensible to people. The goal is to bring the topic of artificial intelligence closer to young people at schools, universities and all interested parties and to arouse their interest in it. Also, the topic of data – in the case of the AI Box, it is images and their value – becomes tangible. The participants experience how data can best be collected and processed. Depending on the time available, the topic of good data and bad data, if any, can be experienced directly.

Note: All instructions around the AI Box will be published as open source here. The software used is already available as open source and the technology used in the AI Box I try to make as cheap as possible. This means that sometimes a visit to a junkyard or car recycling will be necessary to build the AI Box by myself. Because buying everything new is not a challenge but the comfortable not so interesting way if you have the necessary money.

The following picture shows the rough concept behind the idea of the AI Box.

AI Box idea draft May 2022

AI Box idea draft May 2022

How it goes on now with the concept and what exactly will arise from it I will work out in the coming months. Depending on how fast it goes on and if at all I will report here on my blog again and again to this project. If you have ideas about the AI Box then just contact me directly I am happy about any contact.